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Andrija was born in Uzice on September 5, 1980. As a student of Užice gymnasium (Mathemathical profile), he was decided to study at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade. The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 and the October 5th revolution in 2000 separated him from this goal. Shortly afterwards he left Serbia and spent several years in the countries of the European Union. There he wrote his first novel, “Across the road –the Truth”, which was published in 2014. Novel paved the way for Terzić’s talent. Over twenty thousand copies were sold during that and the following year, promoted in more than forty cities across Serbia, the region, in Germany, Norway, Sweden, as well as in China. At the first presentation of the novel, in Užice, October 22nd 2014, more than four hundred people gathered, Terzic signed one hundred ninety-two copies and broke the record of the books sold at one promotion. At the International Book Fair in Belgrade in 2014, the second day, he was the best-selling writer. The media were interested in Terzic’s literary expression, but also in his biography. The publication of the novel was followed by the printed and electronic media of the region, and Terzic became one of the most visited authors on the Internet for a short time, with over 300 000 followers. At the Seventh International Literary Festival “Days of Friends of the Book” in Rijeka and at the First Conference of the Southeast European Cultural Network in Zagreb, Terzic got his first literary prizes. At the gathering of small publishers in Serbia, the novel “Across the Road – the Truth” was named as the most circulating book in 2014. Interestingly, the debut novel “Across the road – the Truth” moved the literary public in a short time and crossed the borders of Serbia. One of the curiosities that accompany him is the organization of promotion at the Beijing Diplomatic Center, where he was offered cooperation for the Chinese literary market. These days, at the end of 2019 the novel “Across the road – The Truth” sells 60 thousands copies. The number of promotions incredibly comes to more than 100.


The second novel “Plivač”(“The Swimmer”) (published by GKC Užice) announced as a bestseller, published on June 12th in 2016, already proves Terzic’s readership. The first circulation of five thousand copies was sold out in record time. After only six months, at the end of January 2017, “The Swimmer” was presented to ex-YU diaspora in Dubai, which was reported by the relevant Internet portals from the United Arab Emirates. The novel has been translated into several languages. It contended for the NIN Prize and for the prestigious regional prize for literature “Mirko Kovac” as well.


The 77th promotion of the novel was held in the capital of America – Washington, few days after two promotions in Chicago.

Besides writing, Terzic showed his talent as an actor – playing Kocka in the second season of the hit TV series “My father’s murderers.” After that, he got another chance, but this time in a movie “Zaspanka za vojnika” (Soldier’s lullaby), both created and directed by Predrag Antonijevic.

Andrija Terzic continued promoting his novels in the US (Miami, New York). These days he is finishing his third novel whose working title is “The Daughter of the Sun.” He is working as a producer of “The Swimmer” – the movie which is in the process of development, written by a famous Hollywood screenwriter Jay Frasco.

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Novel "Plivač" entered the competition for the prestigious regional award for literary creation "Mirko Kovač".

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